The most bought mattress size in the USA is queen size mattress.What size do most customers sleep on in Pensacola, Florida?

That being said, queen mattresses are on top of the customer's buying list.

Most customers sleep on a queen size mattress.


The queen mattress fits perfectly in almost all rooms.

In some rooms you might fit only the bed with little to no furniture around. In other rooms you can fit a queen bed, dresser, chest, mirror and night stands. 


Why is the queen size mattress most slept on?


Perfect size for couples

Couples like the queen size mattress as it gives them enough space to be close to each other. But, at the same time, they have some space to stay apart by reading a book and having a cup of tea in bed.


Ideal for single people

Who does not like that big bed where you can have all the space for yourself? There are people who don’t like to share their bed with nobody. There are even couples who sleep in different beds, as they love to sleep by themselves in bed.


Check all sizes available for pick up or same day delivery in Pensacola and nearest area!Many queen models

Most of the mattress models are made in queen.

So many mattress models are made in queen - innerspring, foam, gel foam, memory foam, adjustable friendly, hybrid, individually wrapped coils.

Queen mattresses also come in different firmness levels - medium firm, firm, soft.

Different queen bedroom sets

Most bedroom sets come in queen. As most people are looking to buy a queen size bedroom set. Available in so many colors, designs and materials.


Most customers sleep on a queen size mattress, because they find this size ideal for every age.

As long as you have space in your room, a queen mattress is a must have. Enjoy the queen size mattress models along with modern furniture sets in queen size. 


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